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Offenders might be prohibited from accessing the internet. In other cases, probation officers scour their personal computers for illicit photographs. In the past three years, Shean said, the department has seen a considerable uptick in child pornography cases, particularly in South County.

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Child pornography has not become more popular. She believes there exists a correlation between child pornography and molestation. Adam Pearlman was a prosecutor in the s and now is a criminal-defense attorney representing people convicted of all types of sex crimes. He said people charged with child pornography tend to be antisocial and secluded in their homes. Beginning in , the sex offender registry will be more refined.

But the question remains: Can serious sex offenders be rehabilitated? Username or Email Address.

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Community Connection : We believe that each person that walks through our doors has a gift. Our job is to help individuals discover those gifts and reach their full potential. Community Connection empowers adults with psychiatric disabilities and their families with the tools and resources they desire to build stronger community bonds and improve their lives. We are dedicated to helping adults lead healthier and more productive lives by overcoming mental health and chemical dependency challenges.

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Through our resources and tools we enable people to provide a life for themselves and their families. We help adults build stronger bridges to our community through education, job, housing and lifestyle support. If you are interested in our services but are unsure of your eligibility then please contact us. We are happy to determine which programs you may qualify for, and connect you with a Program Coordinator who can answer your questions. The organization interviews, places, monitors, and sends final reports to court. All clients are placed with non-profit agencies or tax supported agencies.

For many children in foster care, their CASA volunteer will be the one consistent adult presence in their lives. For many volunteers, CASA is a life-changing experience that makes a difference in our community. Crossroads : Crossroads is a drug and alcohol educational workshop that is both an educational and interactive class. Parents are not required to attend, but are welcome to sit in on the beginning of the orientation of the program. Contact: Union St. Watsonville, CA. Electronic Monitoring Program : The Electronic Monitoring Program is a more intensive form of Home Supervision, in that the youth are pending court are supervised electronically as well as through personal contact.

If the youth travels outside the home, the receiver reports this to a supervision center, which notifies Probation. The youth placed on this program would generally be in the juvenile hall pending court hearings, but are deemed to be safely placed at home with the reporting device and intensive supervision by the ATD staff. Employment and Community Options : The Integrated Employment Program is designed to assist individuals with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities in obtaining either employer-paid jobs or volunteer work in their communities.

Santa Cruz County, CA Registered Sex Offenders

We support individuals in gaining greater access to and participation in their communities. With customized support plans and schedules, skills training and job placement, individuals experience a better range of choices that increases their levels of independence and overall quality of life.

Sex offender's wife allowed him to coach Santa Cruz youth volleyball

Families Together : Families Together is an innovative child and family development program providing home-based services to families living throughout Santa Cruz County. Families Together is a Differential Response collaborative. Participation is voluntary and lasts either six or twelve months depending on the family's risk level.

Halloween Sex-Offender Safety Map: Santa Cruz 2018

Participants collaborate in the formation of goals and are presented with opportunities to learn about parenting, child development, and parent-child attachment. Home visitors support caregivers as they advocate for their needs and form nurturing relationships with their children. In addition to supporting families with basic needs, staff link families with resources such as CalWorks, mental health services, medical services, substance abuse counseling, and domestic violence services, among others.

Our founders envision a community that is better informed about YA issues; a community in which families are supported, financial needs are addressed, and patients receive advocacy services while also becoming advocates for change. Using available scholarly research and patient interviews, we have prioritized services that have an immediate need and will have an instant impact on YAs. In phase 1, we will work with patient volunteers and existing cancer resource center staff to create a physician education course, which will be available for use within a year and facilitated by patient and family advocates.

The final phase is a stand-alone facility, which will serve as a resource and respite home for YAs and their families. Phase three will require several years of fundraising and relationship development with existing services. Food What?! We partner with low-income and struggling youth to grow, cook, eat, and distribute healthy, sustainably raised food and address food justice issues in our community. We create a safe space where youth engage in leadership development, personal growth, and job training.

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At FoodWhat, we inspire personal transformation by supporting teens in finding their voices and developing lasting confidence in themselves. It is motivated by youth-adult partnerships that create essential and powerful opportunities that enhance and improve local communities. Community service, social action activities, participation in advocacy for safe and healthy environments, and promotion of healthy policies are organized by youth to appeal to youth. Friday Night Live Programs: Encourage young people to develop programs that are fun and meaningful Promote messages through shared experiences Encourage peer-oriented programming youth driven and youth led Are goal-directed, action oriented, and innovative Encourage and empower young people as active leaders and community resources Have broad appeal to diverse ethnic, racial and social groups Encourage youth to care about each other and their environment Offer conferences and trainings for young people to develop leadership skills.

Armstrong health. Our mission is to engage volunteers to restore justice, provide hope, and support change for those impacted by incarceration. We work closely with community partners to provide a continuum of services from custody to community re-entry. FUERTE : FUERTE is a four to six month intensive program that aims to address the mental health needs of youth on probation ages and increase parental capacity and skills to care for and address the mental health needs of their children involved in the justice system. Services include individual and family counseling in the home, and intensive case management in the home and community settings.

Girls Inc. The programs developed by the national organization are research-based and tested to be effective in empowering girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Some programs offered by Girls Inc. The camp introduces the girls to computer science and engineering through a series of hands-on activities using the Scratch programming environment for creating 2D games and animations, and Lego NXT for building microprocessor based robots and interactive art pieces, among other things. Their week includes a visits to several of the Baskin School of Engineering labs from Bio-engineering to Digital Games.

Graffiti Abatement : Juveniles convicted of graffiti offenses must pay for repairs and attend special classes with their parents conducted on Saturdays by the Police Department. They may be sentenced to probation and community service. Adults convicted of graffiti crimes face fines and probation. Graffiti Removal Project: A joint project of the Volunteer Center and Santa Cruz County, The Graffiti Removal Project offers a variety of graffiti free services to community members in the unincorporated area of our county.

Please volunteer now by clicking here to complete our simple online form. Head start supports school readiness and promotes healthy families through delivery of education, health, and social services. These options are located throughout Santa Cruz County. Part day classes and the home visiting program are offered September through May.

The pre-natal months and the first three years of life are periods of incredible growth in all areas of a baby's development. Parents too, experience this exhilarating growth as they engage and get to know their baby. Early Head Start helps children and their parents get off to a good start and establish healthy patterns for life-long learning. Healthy Girls Santa Cruz : HGSC aims to increase access to resources for girls who are struggling with issues related to body image and self-esteem.

HGSC provides training to educators, school administrators, and coaches on the signs and symptoms of eating disorders, depression, self-harm behaviors, other related issues, and what adults can do to help. Homeless Garden Project : The Homeless Garden Project provides job training, transitional employment and support services to people who are homeless.

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