Child welfare workers gain access criminal records

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Sociopathy and psychopathy are two very different personality disorders. Social workers who work unprofessionally are more likely to be the ones who are psychopaths than outright delinquents. Please do show me. It would really help if you could restrict yourself to criticisms that actually have some basis in reality. Article 8 requires consideration of what is proportionate. So in some cases, where allegations are less serious or based on unreliable sources then I would expect data protection to win. Would be interested to know more about this MXA case but all I can find so far is that it was listed on June 11th!

But nothing about what was found. The judgments in those cases seem obscene. Supporting misfeasance because to do otherwise might make CSC less enthusiastic, seems the moral equivalent of ducking witches, in which drowning proves innocence. I think Lord Bingham agreed with you. Which shows there is hope for a change to come. Hooray for Lord Bingham!

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His opinions were always erudite. With respect to his opinion on the accountability of social workers, evolution is not something that anyone presently on this planet trying to raise their children can afford to wait around for. His views are unfortunately the opposite of comfort; they are the nostrum presented to maintain hope in an attempt to ameliorate what appears to be legally-supported scandal. In situations like this, I am with Christopher Hill who I know Lord Bingham had a lot of time for : there are some situations in which it is suitable to think: what would Lenin have done?

I have just found this link on a Facebook group — I have no idea if they are any good, not heard of them before but they do offer a free initial advice session I think? Pingback: The social worker is out to get me…. Child Protection Resource fighting for the rights of childrens human rights.

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England you your laws and your lies. Germany has drastically changed since. If doctor make patient died that doctor goes to jail as it is criminal matter for the police. If social worker fabricate paper work that social worker goes to jail. After years of living and learning about England I realised the government in England has adopted many ideas from Hitler, Child trafficking, NHS care pathways, freedom of speech only on topics the government want you to speak about. And many many more. Out of all crimes against own people British government has committed.

Crime number one braking international human rights law is Child trafficking British government carries on against both its own citizens and foreign nationals. When the time comes I pray you the English wake up and will bring all those corrupted bend judges corrupted MPs and police to justice and for worst crimes before court in Nurenberg, and those evil inhuman nazi traitors should be hanged by neck until death served upon them. And agree I have a point about how unhelpful it is to the debate to conduct it in this way. Your observations are I am afraid too absurd to merit any other kind of response or further attention.

Is there not a prevailent authoritarian socialist ideology present in the minds of many government and public sector workers? Hitler also happened to be an authorian socialist. He believed that everything should be decided by the state, including how people should live their personal and family lives. Are you telling me that there are not social workers and NHS workers who may think that way and use their authority and power to enforce their political and personal agenda onto people who have far less status and political power than they do?

It says something about the UK and other western countries when Julie Bindle is given a well respected mainstream platform, but someone like Daryush Valizadeh gets multiple death threats and is banned and censored. However, it does prove that freedom of speech and freedom to live your life how you want to is only free when it fits the mainstream narrative, and the mainstream narrative in the UK and other western countries is authoritarian left.

Does it not concern you when political extremists are allowed to fill government positions because they are considered mainstream? Are you serious? Now the government is actually trying to stop brexit, against the wishes of the people. Are you mad? This bloody useless shambles of a Government has just triggered Article Yes Social Workers do get paid to take children into Care. Lancashire County Council have worked out how many cases each Social Worker employed by them has to have to earn their salary.

If the number of children falls Social Workers get sacked if it increases then more Social Workers get employed. Each year a number of children in care leave care for a number of reasons. I agree. However, it is a poor excuse.

Very few people decide not to book a flight because they worry about falling off the edge of the earth. Whereas the SS argument has had much more success — because there is enough pain and outrage out there to make it almost credible. I have met many social workers and i have dealt with them and had in-depth discussions with many of them. I have been doing this job for 20 years.

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I have never, ever, ever, ever tripped over Karl Marx or any reference to him in anything I have ever done or said or in any interaction with any social worker. I think you are referring to another era. I think this debate is probably worthy of a separate post, so I may move these comments to the Response to Commentators tab. Presumably in German… It is an irritation. As a result of his post people are calling for Churchill to be dug up. Presumably not to invent the Concentration camp, or to drop gas on the kurds…. I really do admire his energy and single minded devotion to his cause — but every time he posts, a rational fairy dies.

What you have to realise is that much of what the CS say and say they are doing in social care does not actually gel with the truth. Parents involved with the department perceive this but you do not,apparently. They have the overall view; they know the whole truth and have seen how the CS performs in actuality. Parents have parental responsibility and a duty to protect their children.

What to Expect when Accessing Records about You

They have to speak out strongly! You appear to accept that the CS has failings and that they often fail to follow procedure. Historically , when institutional humanity or corruption occurs,itis found afterwards that lawyers and the civil authorities had all the facts; they had all the evidence they needed from victims ,families and the General Public; they had official papers which demonstrated what was going on.

In my opinion, there is only one solution and that is a full Public Enquiry by Royal Commission. I have concerns having witnessed social workers in action with care cases with friends families. I am hugely concerned about how protocol can take over from emotional intelligence and fair treatment and the best welfare of the child. I have seen children suffer, unnecessarily, due to social workers attachment to their ideas, and I have seen soc w ddestroy childrens trust in the care system.

Though the care of the child should come first, and there should be integrity and honesty with the child, and consideration of what they feel their needs are. Otherwise, I feel it is another form of institutionalised abuse. And where does one go to with concerns, when its not your own case, though you can see th malpractice occuring? Kay,You are right about emotional intelligence,fair treatment and the best welfare of the child! The big problem we have is that Social workers lack fairness a. Have readers spotted how Social Workers never fail to make the point that it is not they who make the decision to remove a child from home?

That is how they evade self-catharsis their own culpability and inhumanity. The Court sees none of that. It merely follows the lead of the Social Workers trusting them to act with integrity in most cases.

If the Social Workers will not even accept responsibility and pass the buck on to the Court, what hope can there ever be that the system will ever change? Hopefully I will have finished my blog post by tomorrow dealing with your question re Article 3. If you wish to engage further with that argument I am happy to — so long as the engagement is genuine and not some more grandstanding propaganda. My comment was constructive in that it was an attempt to explain to readers why the system can be inhumane.

I also hope that any social worker who might see it will recognise that for genuine and progressive reform to take place, they,the Local Authorities and the Guardians will have to examine their behaviour with candour and admit that they are not faultless. That is the only way they can be constructive. It is they who decide , for example, whether a tiny bruise which may just may have been caused deliberately gives rise to such a significant risk of future harm to a child that PERMANENT removal is necessary. They decide whether removal is proportionate to the case before they go to court.

I am talking about harm in the real sense of the word i. I am not talking about theoretical harm or significant risk of it. By the way, you are one of the moderators on this forum and it is your perogative to delete any post as and when you wish. I will not argue with any decision you make. We may have to agree to differ about which category we think we fall into.

So you are telling me that social workers never have any sort of powerful influence over judges decisions? The judge always or at least should decide independently what they believe to be the best course of action. They give evidence to the court as experts. The Judges have to listen carefully. But I have experience of many cases where the Judges have rejected the evidence of social workers.

Judges weigh up evidence from all sources carefully.

child welfare workers gain access criminal records Child welfare workers gain access criminal records
child welfare workers gain access criminal records Child welfare workers gain access criminal records
child welfare workers gain access criminal records Child welfare workers gain access criminal records
child welfare workers gain access criminal records Child welfare workers gain access criminal records
child welfare workers gain access criminal records Child welfare workers gain access criminal records
child welfare workers gain access criminal records Child welfare workers gain access criminal records
child welfare workers gain access criminal records Child welfare workers gain access criminal records

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