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Details of the person named on the certificate At minimum, we ask for: Your name and date of birth Name and age of the person that's died Your relationship to that person Date and place of death. Proof of your identity You may be able to prove your identity online. These include: Taking certified copies of your identity documents to our Customer Service Centre or a Justice Service Centre Mailing certified copies to us.

Proof you're eligible to get the certificate You need to prove your status as next of kin in order to get the death certificate.

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If you're the partner or spouse of the deceased your name on the deceased's death registration your and your partner's names on your marriage certificate evidence that you were living together in a domestic relationship at the time of death If you're the child of the deceased your name on the deceased's death registration your own birth certificate showing the name of your parent If you're the parent of the deceased your name on the deceased's death registration your child's birth certificate showing you as the parent.

Processing and delivery How long will it take for my application to be processed? Additional copies If you applied for more than one copy of a death certificate, each will be posted separately for security reasons, unless you asked for them to be sent by Registered or Express Post. Valid for most official purposes, but not all. A standard certificate is needed once the Coroner establishes the cause of death.

Apply now External link. Services and information About us. Certificate turnaround times. Change of sex. Family history. Translations - in your language. All policies. Deceased indicator on birth certificates. Feedback and complaints practice. Name disputes. Naming restrictions. Privacy policy. Either they get grossed out or disturbed by it, or they don't want to listen to the gory details—and you need to talk about it.

And the people who are in the industry are just crazy. I would never want to date a funeral director. Is this from experience? No, I've listened to everybody else's stories and wised up. Plus there's not too many guys in the industry—at least here—who are my age who are single. I'm 33, so a lot of people are married by now, or divorced with kids.

Odds of Death in the Grand Canyon - 1 in 400,000 Visitors

And I've never been married or had kids, so that makes it tougher. You gotta find a person you can really talk to when you come home. And it's hard to find. VICE: When you're on dates, how do people react when you tell them what you do? Madison Partida: It seems to be one end of the spectrum or another. It's really hard to find people that are just OK with the profession. On one date when we went to the conversation of "What do you do for a living? So it happens. How about the other end of the spectrum?

Any people who are a little too interested? I think [it] was meeting a person who was a photographer and then once he found out that I worked in a mortuary, immediately the first question was, "Well, can I come in and photograph people? What is the oddest thing someone has told you?

I think the thing that sort of reoccurs is that immediately I get a story about the last funeral they went to. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just sort of like, "I didn't do that service. I'm sorry it wasn't great.

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I'm OK with it; it's just not the kind of thing I want to be discussing on a dinner date. Every now and then there's the awkward question of, "What's the grossest thing you've ever done? Are there other ways your profession affects your dating life? If I'm meeting someone after work, the first question out of their mouth is, "Do you smell bad? Was your chosen field a factor in your divorce? Kind of.

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To be honest my ex-husband was just grossed out by what I did. It's not the profession that I had started on when we first met each other, so that put some distance between us. I wouldn't say it was a major contributing factor—the work that I do—it was just one of those things where if I did come home from a day of embalming I had to shower twice and sit on a different couch. Not the kind of homecoming you expect to receive when you come off of like a hour shift. Jayna Bryant, 31, married Master's degree in forensic archaeology and former forensic unit intern.

VICE: What was it like to date before you got married? Jayna Bryant: This may come off as corny, but I honestly thought I was doomed to stay single. It was ridiculously difficult to find someone I was compatible with while on the dating scene who wasn't turned off by a female with an advanced degree in dead stuff and wasn't disgusted or confused by a dark sense of humor. Not to mention how they dealt with just how "weird" that is for a voluntary choice of career path and how strong preconceived notions can be. Somehow I managed to find someone who accepted it and actually stuck around.

Is there a particular negative reaction you've gotten about your field that stands out? I definitely notice that some people, when they find out you're into dead stuff, [they think it means] that there are other freaky things about you.

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If that makes any sense? Like promiscuity You mean like necrophilia? Yeah, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Just because someone's in pediatrics doesn't mean that they're a pedophile, you know? How did you jump to that conclusion? Are there any people who have displayed an unpleasant level of interest in you do? I have had people who've said, "Oh, tell me more, tell me more," but then for some reason when you cross that line you're no longer "dating material. What is the most unexpected reaction you've gotten?

As a positive, there's been a few times that I'll say what I do, what I'm interested in, and some people can actually relate. You brace yourself waiting for the reaction and they respond with something like, "Oh, I like to photograph old cemeteries," or like my husband: "My sister did her thesis on grave statuaries in Italy. Wow, maybe I'm not such a freak. Sounds like you lucked out with your husband then. Yeah, I lucked out. I really did. As I got older I watched my friends one by one get married, and it was like, Oh, it's because they do normal lines of work.

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You think? When you're attracted to this field, chances are you see the world just a little differently. It does make it just a little bit more difficult to see eye-to-eye with a lot of people. VICE: Are there any negative comments you get when you tell prospective partners what you do? David Campbell: [Sometimes] I'll get a message from someone on a dating site that's like, "Do you ever see a body that's really hot?

And I just won't touch it. I'll just let it be. Have you ever had any odd requests from a love interest? I was in a [polyamorous] relationship, and one of my girlfriend's good friends asked with this kind of twinkle in her eye if I would ever have sex in the back of the mortuary van or in the back of the hearse. I was like, "No, I would never do that. What are the main changes to your dating life after you were licensed as a funeral director?

It's important to have a friend vouch for me now that I'm a fully licensed funeral director. I went out on a date with this girl while I was still in school for this. So she called her brother and told him and he said, "Oh my God, he could kill you. So your friends need to have your back now. I find that this sometimes creates a wariness in people, but when they meet my friends, they tend to relax. When I was with my ex, we were in a polyamorous relationship so occasionally we would have flings with other people and it was much easier.

Because my girlfriend was basically vouching for me. Like, "This is my boyfriend, he's a good guy. Go out on a date with him, have a good time. Have a fling, have a tryst, whatever.

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Find date of death of people

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