How can i find someone using their screen name

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Scans against websites containing billions of users! May take up to 50 seconds Register for Security Alerts.

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Register You must be logged in to use this option. Search using: Email Email adv. Email Search This search will scan websites consisting of billions of profiles for any user profile that may relate to the email you have entered. This will search for your username across the top social network's takes 45 seconds.

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Email Search Advanced Premium Users only. This will search for your email address across the top 10 social network's takes 5 seconds.

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Scans against popular websites containing hundreds of millions of users! Search using: Mobile Phone. Phone Search Please log in to use.

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Identify country code, phone provider E. G 02 , land line status, mobile network code and country code. If US number, we can even determine the first and second name using the mobile phone! Search using: Crypto Forums.

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Find the registered person behind a website. Check if a user is active within the crypto currency world. Look up anyone's home address es and phone numbers at ZabaSearch , a creepily-comprehensive people search engine that will freak you out when you search on your own name but save your ass when you desperately need a former coworker's phone number.

ZabaSearch's index includes listed and unlisted numbers and addresses though the founders say all the info is public record. My favorite new search engine of the bunch, Pipl digs up information about a person Google often misses, supposedly by searching the "deep web" or " invisible web. You can also narrow your search for common names by entering city, state and country, too. Instead of searching each service individually, enter their full name or screen name, plus other identifying information like interests and location at Wink to do a one-hit comprehensive search of all those services at once.

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Job-centric search engine ZoomInfo aggregates people and company information in one place to help candidates find the right job, but its people search tool also turns up information about corporate types especially well. ZoomInfo's information listings on people, culled from the web, include people's employment history and current job title, whether or not they're looking for a job.

Search by a person's full name at ZoomInfo, and when you get too many results, filter them by geography U. Incessant notifications, Beacon, and zombies aside, one of Facebook 's greatest utilities is finding people online, and it's not just for students anymore. Chances are your grandmother set up a Facebook account this year, so all those annoying emails might be worth tracking down your best friend when you were 9 years old who moved to Florida on Facebook.

Okay, fine, you can't talk finding people online without mentioning the big G.

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  7. I go by " edent " on most websites. It's short, relates to my real name, and is usually unique.

    People Explain Their Childhood AIM Names

    I quite often sign up to things just to snag the name. But there have been a couple of sites where someone else has got there first and started using "my" name. I don't own the trademark, nor have any special rights to that name. So I wanted to document how I recovered it on a few prominent sites. I emailed support to see if I could claim it as an inactive account. They said:. We'd suggest that you follow through our name dispute process. In short, email the current scope owner of the package and cc support npmjs.

    I emailed the owner.

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    7. NPM also sent some follow-up emails to them. After a month, they transferred the name to me. While it was easy for me, I do feel slightly guilty. Yes, the account seemed abandoned - but one month isn't a long time if you're on holiday, in hospital, or otherwise incommunicado. I was quite late to popular chat app Telegram. By the time I got there, edent was already taken. I sent the owner a few messages to see if they'd relinquish it - but they didn't reply. Telegram's dispute resolution programme is a bit simple:.

      If your desired username is already taken, we will be happy to help you acquire it for your account or channel, provided that you have that same username on at least two of these services: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I already had Facebook and Twitter - and I proved that to Telegram - so they released the name. Again, I feel slightly bad about taking a username from someone. It's a policy that many people have complained about.

      How to I search for a specific member or profile?

      Another completely dormant account. They'd posted no content. I dropped an email to support, and showed that I was edent on other services.

      Their reply was pretty brutal:. In line with our Inactive URL policy I have reached out to the current owner of and given them 48 hours notice to become active on the account. If no activity takes place within this period then we will be happy to transfer the URL. I suspect they could see that no one had logged into the account for many years. To assuage my guilt, I waited for a week before prompting SoundCloud to transfer the account.

      For some reason, Google didn't like the name edent. Google's name policies are deeply weird.

      how can i find someone using their screen name How can i find someone using their screen name
      how can i find someone using their screen name How can i find someone using their screen name
      how can i find someone using their screen name How can i find someone using their screen name
      how can i find someone using their screen name How can i find someone using their screen name
      how can i find someone using their screen name How can i find someone using their screen name
      how can i find someone using their screen name How can i find someone using their screen name

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