How to find a car that fits you

I owned a mini van once. Vans are too big for me. I have thought about it. Fuel economy. I listen to talk radio more. I do basic maintenance myself. I take it to a garage. My car is under warranty with the dealership. I have a handy relative. It's too small. It's getting old. It's not fast enough. It's not rugged enough. I am most likely to be found at practice.

I'm most likely to be found shopping. I'm most likely out for a long drive. I'm sure I would be finishing up a project. I'm more of an ambivert. I'm more of an introvert. I'm a total extrovert. I am a little of both depending upon occasion. I am a real bargain shopper. I try, but I'm not great at it. I don't even bother. I'm very good at saving money. At least 7. Once a month. Every weekend. When I fill up with gas.

I rarely wash my car.

How to Find the Right Car for You

I am hoping to start a family. I'm hoping to buy a new home. I'm hoping to retire. I'm hoping to win the lottery. I would start with the classifieds. I would look online. I would go to a dealer.

What Job Is Right For You ? Personality Test

I would look for private owner sales. I overeat sometimes. I'm usually running late. I bite my nails. I oversleep a lot.

I like physical jobs. I like brainy jobs. I love jobs that use a lot of psychology. I like physical jobs that keep my mind stimulated, too.

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Although most MPVs and many SUVs come with seven seats , not all are able to accommodate more than two child car seats in the second and third rows. The rear seats are generally considered the safest place for children to sit in cars. To help parents pick the most suitable cars for larger families, we got together the best contenders in three classes — large SUVs, luxury SUVs and MPVs — and tried fitting three child seats into their second and third rows but not the front, for the reasons outlined above.

We chose an infant carrier, a seat suitable for a toddler and one for an older child.

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Our results are based on our own physical tests and also on Euro NCAP safety tests , which state whether it is permissible to use a child seat in each seat position. This information can also be found in car owner manuals. Follow What Car? Information for dealers Sitemap Contact What Car?

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Subscribe to our newsletter Subscribe to What Car? Claire Evans. The child seats used in our test Maxi Cosi CabrioFix.

Buying a new car. Vauxhall Combo Life.

How to find a car that fits you
How to find a car that fits you
How to find a car that fits you
How to find a car that fits you
How to find a car that fits you
How to find a car that fits you
How to find a car that fits you

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