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Thanks to the New Group Friend Manage feature on orkut, hack to add more than friends on orkut is working again. So if you are very famous on orkut and have reached the limit, do not worry, now you can add more friends too Go to the friends list in your orkut account then many of your friends name and profile photos will be for the friend of whom you wish to become a you will find star in front of that click on thatafter click on the 3 smilies,cubes and heart which represents trusty,cool,sexy respectively according to the personality of.

Orkut the myspace of south-asia and Brazil introduced a new feature allowing users to find and add their Gmail contacts already on Orkut with a single click, in the official blog post on Orkut blog software engineer Jude Britto writes: One of the nice things about Gmail is that it adds the names of the people you have been in touch with over.

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Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.. Meet people who love what you do, and discover interesting things people are sharing. Friendster has become far more popular among users outside the United States and Canada, which now accounts for only about a quarter of its 8 million to 9 million regular users, Lindstrom said. Orkut, has become a big hit with Brazilians, This video is unavailable.

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Google only lets you download data from your own Orkut account.. How to find Gmail contacts friends in Orkut 1. Login into Orkut with your Gmail ID 2. In Orkut home page or friends page the new feature "Find friends" is available in left side bar. Click on the find now to get the list.

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Orkut will display the list of friends who all are already signed up in orkut. And also not in your Orkut friends list.. We'll show you the contacts who are already on orkut, and let you choose which ones to add as friends. For contacts who aren't on orkut yet, we make it easy to choose the ones you want to invite to orkut. You can even add a personal message to send with the invite. Soon, we'll be adding support to import your contacts from other email accounts.. When you sign in to your Google Account, you can see and manage your info, activity, security options, and privacy preferences to make Google work better for you..

Learn how to find someone on Facebook without logging in. Try different methods to look for people who are on Facebook.

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Search as a logged in user also.. Click on that link. The search engine that helps you find exactly what you're looking for. Find the most relevant information, video, images, and answers from all across the Web.. Find Your Gmail Contacts in orkut more privacy controls, orkut lets you find your Gmail contacts on orkut and add some of them to yout friends list. View Locked Profiles on Orkut As the privacy options has been tightened by google on orkut, many of the users have made their profiles private by making their scrapbook, photos, videos etc private and viewed by friends only..

Orkut is hugely popular social networking website in India and Brazil. This Google service just had a refreshing makeover. New Orkut is fresh, crisp and super quick while you access friend scraps, testimonials, photos and much more..

Nor would anyone call Dodgeball a smashing success. It went under in Why did it go under exactly? People use social media because they want to feel like the cool kid at the party, not because they want to feel like the last person picked in gym class. Google swiftly replaced Dodgeball with Latitude, which was pretty close to being the exact same service, only this time Google were the inventors.

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Latitude ceased to exist in Then there was Google Buzz. Rather than wholly explain what Google Buzz was, I want you to click on this link. Google Buzz was essentially Twitter, just four years late to the party. Apart from the lack of originality, Buzz was widely derided for ignoring privacy concerns. Buzz folded after 22 months. At some point though, there needs to be a moment of self-realization.

How can this be? Google is in the enviable position of being able to recruit the brightest minds alive to work for them. Today, it ranks as the 27th most popular site in the world 12th in America. It would be irresponsible of me to take to this page and pretend as though I have the answer. The same goes for Twitter. But how do you account for the success of other products gmail, chrome, maps?

Perhaps the previous failures have led the public at large to believe that Google is hopelessly inept at engaging social. Buzz was not even close to being on my radar. Gmail has over million users as of When you register a gmail account, this is the first page you see.

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Ipso facto, it makes sense to us to exploit any channel Google is providing us. So I hate to come back to where I was before, but I really am stumped here.

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