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The guide was first class in explaining everything. Having always said that if we found a place we really liked we would stay longer so we have extended a couple of times and may stay longer! You can drive up but walking is worth the effort. There are several different walking trails to the top and we have tried to walk it 3 times a week to increase our fitness. All free. For something different we went to the North Qld Rodeo held near Townsville. It was a big event with some riders from interstate and overseas.

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Lots of action and a great atmosphere. Not too sure how we feel about some of the activities especially riding bulls and roping cattle. Took the 20min ferry trip to Magnetic Island. Fairly unspoiled despite the high tourist numbers and during the week we were able to get around most of the high points. Clear water and nice beaches but not on the main reef. Birdlife is plentiful and a joy to photograph particularly the photogenic black cockatoos with their almost slow motion flight, raucous calls and behavior reminiscent of young kids playing.

Managed to get some fishing in with some luck with bream and some mud crabs which we cooked up in the camp kitchen here. The area is well catered for bike tracks and trails which we enjoyed exploring particularly a track around lakes and wetlands with many water birds. We are booked until 4th September and the plan then is to head west, but who knows we may extend again.

Click on photos to enlarge them. Photos of rodeo here first few juniors. There are a lot her e and we were asked to share them by the organisers who may use some in promotions. After leaving Charters Towers we headed north east and stayed one night at a basic camp at Greenvale- a one horse town where the owner had a pet dingo and trees were filled with hundreds on galas.

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We drove further north the next day to Pinnarendi Station — a working cattle farm which has a small caravan park and cafe as a side business. The property has been in the family for five generations. The owners Nadine and Ronnie were fantastic and cooked up delicious country meals each of the 2 nights we were there. They have 3 boys who we got to know a little. One was on holidays from boarding school at Charters Towers and the other 2 catch a school bus for a 75klm trip each way to school! One meal was a roast beef from one of there herd. The next a curry from the same source.

Quiet walks to the 3 dams on the property and a short drive to fascinating volcanic craters and lava tubes. We continued on to Ravenshoe, a town in the Atherton Tablelands. Explored rainforest walks, waterfalls and volcanic crater in the area. Had lunch Yungaburra which is bigger that we expected and set on a picturesque lake. Would like to spend some more time in this town. Very green and lush rolling hills. Arrived South Mission Beach on 26th July.

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Reef islands just a short boat ride out. Heading to Townsville on 31st July when Lynda will fly back to Sydney for a short time for appointments and school reunion. Charters Towers is about kms west of Townsville with a population of around Established in the gold rush days it was once the second largest town behind Brisbane. Was used as a military air base for Australian, American and British personnel in WWII and many of the munitions storage bunkers and air raid shelters remain. Plenty to do and see here. Visited Leahton Park ranch, home to the Texas Longhorn tours.

Very interesting to hear from the owners how they have developed the herd and maintain diversity by breeding and importing frozen semen from the USA. We were greeted by the owners and their pet kangaroo. They have grown since and are now 3. Rollingstone has just a few residents and a large well maintained beachfront holiday park looking out to Palm and Havana Islands. It has 3 lakes within the park stocked with Barramundi. You can fish for them but must release.

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Other fishing can be done on the beach or nearby estuaries, but warnings abound about being crocodile aware. Two large pools keep the kids happy. Great place to just chill out especially as we are in a quiet spot right on the beachfront.

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Definitely on the return list. The park is located between Townsville and Ingham. A nice drive but very steep and windy road. Spectacular views back to the coast over the cane fields. The cool mountain air was very refreshing. Nice waterfalls, natural swimming holes no crocs here and walks. Next stop we will be leaving the coast and heading west to Charters Towers but we are going to try our first free camp on the way.

Not a lot at Bowen. Very flat and prone to flooding. The hotel won the best overall hotel in Queensland in The industry is mainly fishing, farming, mangoes, strawberries, tomatoes and salt works. The beaches are long and there is a nice one called Horseshoe Bay where you can swim safely patrolled year round.

Access to the inner reef is just metres off the shore. Nice walks, bike tracks and lookouts here too. Arrived on the 28th June and we were immediately taken by the natural beauty of the surroundings. It is off the main northerly route and within a national park with an abundance of wildlife, walking trails and lookouts.

The views from various lookouts were beautiful. Long walk along local beach checking out the unusual volcanic rock formations. Climbed Fan Rock to the lookout and got a great view of the harbour to the north and Bluff Point to the south. It comprises a huge infinity pool, sun baking chairs, modern cafe and restaurant overlooking the pool and beach. The public rest rooms would do a 5 start hotel proud. This is owned by the council and all free to use. Took a drive into Rockhampton and visited the Dreamtime Cultural Centre where we were one of only two couples taking the guided tour.

Also learned a lot about the Torres Straight people from the grandson of Eddy Mabo.

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The guide took us into a cave and skillfully played a didgeridoo, just amazing. He also showed us how to throw a boomerang and to make it return well for some of us anyway! Also visited the Rockhampton Heritage Village, displaying life between — It was nice to stroll around and look through preserved buildings, homes and schools, hospitals, vehicles and rail. It takes some time to walk around but worthwhile to take in the history of the area. Later took the historical walk along the Fitzroy river waterfront where many of the old building have been preserved. Off to Cape Hillsborough on Friday.

If anyone has been there please let us know any recommendations. Arrived 20th June and set up at the camping ground. A bit dubious at first as the grounds were quite basic and many more campers, tents etc. However we enjoyed cooking over the open fires at night, the bike rides into Agnes Water 7km and the general vibe of the place. You can make comments too if you wish.

The most recent post appears first. Before sunset on the Thompson river Sunset Damper being cooked in the camp ovens after the river cruise. This barefooted old guy told some great poetry and stories around the campfire. The observatory have placed some objects around so some artistry can be included in the photos. The new deadline expires on 12 September " [How fortunate to be a public servant and be able to take one's holidays with impunity, notes this Kat. Many readers of this blog can only imagine what their clients might say if they were to write something like that to them].

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And the Court of Justice talks about proportionality? The hearing comes up soon and the Kat thinks he might just try his luck again The IPKat is not happy about this. The result is that we can't find out what submissions either the Commission or the national offices are making to the Court in this case, even though they are all public servants who are answerable to the Kats and others for their actions. La Serenissima here and here.

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