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The Assessors responsibility is to value and assess real estate and personal property located within the county. Contrary to popular misconceptions, the Assessor does not calculate taxes, collect taxes, set tax rates or create tax bills. The Assessor is concerned with property values, not taxes. The collectors office creates the tax bills and collects the taxes for the various taxing entities that are located within the county. Taxing jurisdictions determine the tax levy, which is the rate of taxation required to fill the gap between the operating budget and expected revenue.

It is the taxpayers responsibility, as a property owner, to contact the appropriate taxing entities or attend their annual budget meetings if there are questions or concerns about taxes or how tax dollars are spent. The State Tax Commission is the state agency charged with general supervision of assessors and with enforcing property tax laws.

This is the thirteenth highest assessed value in the State of Missouri out of the counties and the City of St. Currently there are over 6, subdivisions in Franklin County. The Franklin County Assessor's Office biannually reassesses all real estate in Franklin County, which involves reviewing the data, updating data and new photographs if needed on an ongoing basis.

All new construction is tracked; data collected, assessed and added to the assessment rolls annually. Residential, agricultural and commercial new construction is assessed based on its value as of January 1 of each year.

Notification of value change on new construction parcels are sent each year. The Franklin County Assessors Office notifies owners of real property if the value established for the individual parcels has increased. Over 10, notices are mailed annually. The Franklin County Assessors Office classifies each parcel of real estate in compliance with the classifications defined under Missouri statute.

This includes 59, residential, 7, agricultural and 4, commercial classifications.

The Franklin County Assessors Office conducts hundreds of informal hearings. Most are done during the reassessment year, but some hearings are held every year. The Franklin County Assessors Office receives thousands of requests for information available from our office. First St. Louis County officials.

County assessors appear to be making up for lost time in jacking up the supposed market value of properties as real estate heats up. But so many complaints have come in that county property valuation director, Mary Garness, may be feeling the heat.

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She noted that a batch of amended property valuation notices were to be mailed Friday in response to some of the issues already raised. People should begin to receive those revised valuations in coming days.

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Assistant County assessor Terry Johnson said letters are going out to more than owners of downtown commercial properties. Yet downtown property owners warn the abrupt property tax hikes could make or break some businesses that are already facing challenges. McCarthy, a former top federal prosecutor, a senior fellow at National Review Institute, a contributing editor at National Review, a Fox News contributor, and a well-known commentator on legal, national security, and political affairs. His new book, Ball of Collusion, is a story about what happens when those we trust to be the guardians of our system anoint themselves the masters of our system.

For our own good, of course. Health Care.

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